Things that Munim says.
Sunday Special.

Sunday Special.



I’m Bringing It Back.

General Discussion: We thought dating people you met on the internet stopped in 2007. Maybe, internet dating as well.

Munim: “Well, now, I’m bringing it back.”



Cookie Monster

On the way back from Pune.

Siddhant: “I was just wondering, we don’t have a word for smoking.”
Munim: “Since it’s all kept in the cookie jar, let’s call it that.”
Siddhant: “Let’s hit the cookie jar is a great phrase.”
Munim: “And whoever’s a big stoner can be the cookie monster!”



The Hidden Place

We’re all the Hidden Place, in Pune. Fairly drunk.

Percy: “Move, I need to pee really bad.”
Munim: “What will happen if you pee in your pants once in a while?”



While watching this video.

Munim: “I want to be a stormtrooper, man.”


Slight variation from what he was earlier.


Over a regular sandwich lunch at Chilly Bite, this gem was delivered. We ordered a variation of club and grilled sandwiches. There was also soda.


Munim: “Where does the cheese stay?”

Everyone: “Where?”

Munim: “In da club.”




  • A little bit of a backstory. Vishad is the guy in office with a weird hairstyle but it's weirder when he walks into office after a long weekend break with a haircut.
  • Vishad: "Hi, man!"
  • Munim: (looking at his haircut) "DAFAQ, bro!"
  • -
  • Overheard: "Your life a meme, Munim."